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What our customers say

"I feel the technician was knowledgeable and professional and took pride in doing the job right." - Bill Farwell


"A company that is dependable, trustworthy, efficient and professional... I enjoy referring Gallon Inc. to all my associates - Cecil Waddell


"I can honestly say that Gallon Inc. is a quality company. Being a single female, I felt assured that I was not being taken advantage of." - Barbara Ray


"The plumber was very meticulous in his work... even in the clean-up. He kept the area clean and neat the whole time he worked. I will definitely use Gallon Inc. for my plumbing needs." - Donna Hanna



As we all know, price is not always what it seems to be. Most consumers have been "duped" at some point by a low-ball plumber advertiisement, only to be frustrated when he finally shows up asking for a higher price for his work.



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What They Are Saying

"Best Plumbers and Drain Professionals in Des Moines"

You don’t want to mess around when it comes to plumbing, and so picking the right service is very important. Click above to see the ten best plumbers in Des Moines:

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